Our Practices

ACT is a multi-disciplinary firm, in which partners have considerable experience in tax, corporate and private client matters in Malta.  The firm focuses mainly on tax and corporate matters.  It is our ambition to provide the best technical and skill practice advice in the country.

We cover all aspects of tax planning and represent our clients in front of tax authorities.  Diligent tax planning is a high priority for any forward-looking company or individual, particular in the context of cross-border transactions and a changing world of transparency, where tax optimization also has to take into account ethical standards.  We provide our clients with comprehensive and expert advice on local and cross border matters because we have strong ties with a number of leading international law and tax firms all over the world including excellent contacts to all relevant tax administrations in Malta.

ACT does its utmost to attract and educate different professionals such as lawyers, accountants and tax advisors.  Our clients thus derive maximum benefit from our firm’s knowhow in areas such as corporate law, private clients, tax and vat law amongst others.

The strong academic ties of the firm’s partners and its senior team members and networking with all major stake holders in the Maltese tax community assure access to the latest trends and developments in tax law, not only from a Maltese perspective but also from an international one.

Our work includes amongst others:

  • Relocations to and from Malta
  • Tax advice on restructuring and re-organisations
  • Tax planning for high net worth individuals, artists and sportsmen
  • Tax planning for executives and highly qualified employees of international companies
  • Tax implications on property acquisitions and transfers
  • Value Added Tax

For further information about us and how we can help you, please contact one of the firm’s partners or send an email to our general email which is info@act.com.mt.  We look forward to hear back from you.

Corporate Taxation
in Malta

Maltese companies are subject to tax at the rate of 35% on their world wide income and capital gains.   Malta grants various fiscal incentives to both companies and their shareholders upon distribution of a dividend.  Malta is a membe...

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Setting up a Company
in Malta

Setting up a company in Malta is a relatively straight forward procedure and can be set up within 2 working days, provided we are in receipt of all the information, funds and due diligence documentation we need. The Act that regulates Malte...

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Taking up Residence
in Malta

Warm climate, friendly people, excellent communication infrastructures, low criminality and many other features of the Maltese islands have made Malta an excellent destination for people to take up residence in. Moreover low rates of taxati...

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Remote Gaming
in Malta

In the last few years, a large number of remote gaming operators have established themselves in Malta and the Malta Gaming Authority has to date issued over 400 licenses. The Gaming Licenses  There are four (4) different gaming licenses that a prospective applicant may apply for, being:&nb...

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Payment Institutions
in Malta

Malta has become a destination of choice for the setting up of Payment Institutions (also referred to as Payment Services Providers or PSPs).  A number of advantages has contributed to this success, mainly but not limited to the fiscal incentives granted not only to the payment institutions ...

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Electronic Money Institutions
in Malta

Malta has recently seen an increase in the number of Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) looking to set up their operations in Malta.  This has been largely due to the growth in the e-commerce and the i-gaming industries.  Such EMIs are regulated by the Financial Institutions Act and t...

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