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The Nomad Residence Program (NRP)

In June 2021, Residency Malta Agency (RMA) in collaboration with Identity Malta Agency, has launched the Nomad Residence Permit.

For applicants to be eligible for this permit, they need to prove they can work remotely from Malta. This permit will be issued only to non-EU / EEA / Swiss nationals and their dependents, provided that certain conditions are satisfied.

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The qualifications and general requirements are that applicants must:

  1. work for an employer registered in a foreign country and have a valid contract of employment;
  2. conduct business activities for a company registered in a foreign country and of which they are partners/shareholders; or
  3. offer freelance or consulting services, mostly to clients whose permanent establishments are in a foreign country, and with whom they have contracts.

Applicants’ gross monthly income needs to reach a threshold of EUR 2,700. For each family member joining the main applicant, a 20% of the median wage needs to be considered in addition to this. Family member/s’ applications may be submitted at the same time as that of the main applicant or at a later stage, after the main applicant would have been granted with the NRP. 

Submission of applications happens online, via email. At this point, the applicant needs to specify whether his intention is to reside in Malta between 91 days-180 days, or 181 days‑365 days. The former will be issued with a National Visa whilst the latter will be issued with a Residence Permit. Payment instructions for the EUR 300 administrative fee, payable to RMA, for each applicant will be received as part of the online application process. Fees are not refundable and do not include visa related fees.

The duration of the application process will take approximately up to 30 days following receipt of all required documentation.

An NRP will be issued for one year and can be renewed at the discretion of RMA, if the applicant still meets the set eligibility criteria


    For more information about the program, please contact either Stephen Balzan, one of the firm’s partners on [email protected], or the Manager in charge of the firm’s private clients, Liana Falzon on [email protected].


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