Liana Falzon

Liana is the partner in charge of the firm’s private clients. Her main responsibilities include assisting international clients in relocating to Malta.

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Liana’s goal is to put international clients in touch with professional people in order for them to find the right property, the best schooling for their children and the appropriate bankers, amongst others, thus helping to make their relocation as hassle-free as possible. Liana is also in charge of assisting the firm’s non-EU private clients in obtaining their single work permits. She is an active member in a working group set up by the Malta Employers’ Association, of which the firm is a member. The aim of this working group is to discuss, with all relevant government departments, possible solutions for a smoother way forward when it comes to employing third country nationals in Malta.

Apart from residency, Liana also works hand in hand with Stephen, who is the firm’s Accredited Agent with Aġenzija Komunità Malta and Residency Malta Agency, when it comes to the Malta Citizenship for Exceptional Services and the Malta Permanent Residence Programme accordingly. These are local programmes aimed at ultra-high net worth individuals interested in acquiring Maltese citizenship or residency.

Liana is a University graduate, having a Master’s degree in Arts. Academically, she specializes in languages and in fact speaks six, making her very sought after when it comes to interaction with international clients on the job. Professionally, she has a vast experience in the tourism and hospitality industry which has exposed her both to diverse personnel and to multinational clientele, thus heightening her cultural understanding.

In 2014, Liana attended a Company Law Course, organized by the Institute of Legal Studies (ILS) and in 2015 she attended an Employment Law Course, organized by the Malta Employers’ Association. Early in 2016, Liana also attended a course on Trust Law organized by the International Financial Services Practitioners (IFSP), which has successfully landed her a certificate in Trust Law and Management.

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