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Citizenship by Naturalisation

Naturalisation is the legal process by which a non-citizen of a country may acquire citizenship of that country. In Malta, it is the Maltese Citizenship Act (Cap 188) which governs citizenship by naturalisation processes and applications.

Liana Falzon

Liana Falzon

Manager - Private Clients (Residence & Citizenship)

Who is eligible?

Foreign citizens who:

  • Are over 18 years of age;


  • Have resided in Malta for 12 consecutive months, immediately preceding the submission of application and have resided in Malta for a minimum of 4 years in total, during the 6 years preceding the afore-mentioned period of 12 months;


  • Have a good knowledge of Maltese or English.

Required Documentation Prior to Submission of Application

Initially, the applicants need to setup an appointment with Aġenzija Komunità Malta (henceforth referred to as the ‘Agency’). ACT is in a position to assist the applicant to setup this appointment. During the meeting the Agency would assist the client in compiling the residence certificate.

Documentation Required at this Stage

  • Current passport of applicant
  • Previous expired passports, covering the period of residence in Malta

Following this initial meeting, the Agency assesses the residence certificate mentioned and informs the applicant whether he/she is eligible to proceed with the application.

Required documentation upon approval of eligibility from the Agency

  • One recent passport size photo in colour;
  • Birth certificate;
  • Marriage certificate, if applicable;
  • Passport;
  • Residence permit;
  • Original police conduct certificate;
  • 2 sponsors (not related to applicant) [1];
  • Jobsplus working history;
  • Lease/Purchase agreement, including Housing Authority approval in case of the latter;
  • A letter stating the reason behind the applicant’s wish to become a citizen of Malta; and
  • Evidence of residence in Malta for the stipulated period as mentioned above [2]

It is important to note that every document submitted is required to be in English or Maltese [3]. All original documents are required upon submission of application. The Agency will retain a copy upon verifying the original.


[1] To provide you with a list of accepted referees, please contact Liana Falzon on [email protected]

[2] To provide you with a list of accepted documentation, please contact Liana Falzon on [email protected]

[3] ACT may assist you with getting translation quotes if needed

Application Procedure

  • The required documentation is submitted in person to the Agency;
  • Upon the completion of the document’s review, the applicant signs the duly completed application form;
  • The Agency will administer all the oaths, including the Oath of Allegiance to the Republic of Malta;
  • Applicable fees, payable to the Agency are to be made on the day of submission via card or cheque. Cash payment is not accepted.

Review of Application & Granting of Maltese Citizenship

The Agency processes the application and successful applicants will be granted Maltese citizenship. They will be considered citizens of Malta from the date printed on their certificate.

If an applicant was born abroad, the Agency will inform the Director of Public Registry about the granting of Maltese citizenship so that the birth certificate may be registered at the Public Registry Office.

Applicable Fees

A fee of EUR 450 is payable to the Agency upon submission. Should the citizenship be granted, a further EUR 50 is paid to the Agency once the citizenship certificate is collected.

Important Note

The full name of all those persons who were naturalised as citizens of Malta during the preceding year is published in the Government Gazette on an annual basis.

Applications for citizenship by naturalisation on behalf of a minor may also be lodged. For more details about this, kindly contact the manager in charge of the firm’s private client’s section, Liana Falzon, on [email protected] who will also provide you with a tailor‑made quote for the professional services rendered.


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